Finn Family Farm Update: Exterior Vibes

When we started this project the only thing we knew is that we wanted this home to feel like it had been there forever. We wanted people who drove by to be unable to tell when the house was built. We were inspired by so many kinds of homes and so many different styles. But...

Camille Styles Feature: My Hill Country Home

Last week my home was featured on the lifestyle site Camille Styles. The article turned out so great that I wanted to share it here. If you’ve spent time in the Texas Hill Country, you might be familiar with the style of home we tend to see here. To put it simply: large and limestone are the two descriptors...

5 Things You Can Do Help End Systemic Racism

It’s been an eye opening week for me. Even that statement reminds me of the privilege I am afforded just by the color of my own skin. I’ve felt moments of sadness, of uncomfortableness, of helplessness, but for me it’s only been for a week. During this last week it dawned on me that this...

How to Clean Your Vintage Finds

Spring is upon us. Which means it’s the perfect time of year to hit the open road and do some picking, collecting, junking and antiquing. No matter what you call it, hunting for dusty old treasures is a great way to spend these perfectly mild spring days. But spring also brings to mind another kind...

A Vintage Inspired Playroom

There is no way around it…life with kids is messy. So, how do you live chic-ly while also dealing with the clutter? That’s the problem that I tried to solve when designing this space for my own family. It was a real balancing act between bringing in the vintage elements that I love and incorporating...

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