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11 Fruits & Veggeis Worth Buying Organic

Everyone knows that eating organic can break the bank. It seems so unfair that eating healthy is actually more expensive than eating things that aren’t so good for you. But unfortunately, it’s the world we live in today. Which is why, it is best to arm your self with as much knowledge about how to take care of your self and eat right as possible. Can’t afford to go all organic? Here is a list of the 11 fruits & veggies that are the dirtiest and most pesticide ridden. It is these fruits & veggies that are worth spending the extra money on.


1. Celery is the #2 dirtiest on this list. Not only do they contain pesticides, it they also soak up the contaminated water that they grow in. And because celery is 95% water… you get the picture.

2. Nectarines are similar to peaches in that, if you peel them then you are safer from pesticides. But then you are missing out on the fiber contained in the skin.

3. Bell Peppers have tested positive for 15 pesticides!

4. Cucumbers are also mostly water but they can be peeled. So, either peel or buy organic

5. Apples are the #1 offender and 98% of them contain pesticides. If you only buy one fruit that is organic, make it apples.

6. Grapes can not be peeled and are mostly water which soak up all the chemicals that they are grown in. Gross!

7. Peaches that are peeled are going to be better for you. However, peaches are 88% water so they also soak up contaminated water.

8. Blueberries have a very short growth period which means that they are shipped in from all over the country. They are also high in water content making them susceptible to contamination. If your berries aren’t local, buy organic.

9.  Leafy greens are harder to get clean of chemicals and pesticides because there is so much more surface area.

10. Potatoes are the #3 dirtest veggie on this list.

11. Strawberries are un-peelable and are mostly water. They also seem to be some of the bugs favorite snack. And how do they keep the bugs away? More chemicals.


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